Meet Veleria


Certified Personal Trainer 
and Wellness Coach

I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer/ Coach who understand what it is like to be at your wits end with your weight, how you look and the way you feel.  In 2008, at 220lbs, I made the decision to transform my life by any means necessary (and I do mean that literally).  I first began losing weight on an extremely popular medical weight loss program and my results came very rapidly but were not sustainable when I stopped the program.  I then started experimenting with other weight loss programs. For years I struggled with my weight fluctuating up and down as I started and stopped my latest fad program.  Finally, in 2013, I decided to become a personal trainer and learn how to create more lasting and sustainable results for myself and my clients.  It was not until I finally realized that nothing works, unless I do, that I was finally able to get the results I had always been in search of. In 2018, I made up my mind to stop making excuses and to do whatever it took to eat healthy, workout consistently and stop being in search of fast results.  I realized that if fitness is a lifestyle, then there is always going to be some personal goal I want to achieve for myself, so why not take my time with getting there. 

At Fitness Continuum Training Academy, I strive to teach my clients how to overcome the hurdles that come with maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle by adopting new sustainable habits to get them on a well-balanced path toward reaching their health and fitness goals.

My Vision

As a Certified Personal Trainer, my goal is to change lives.  Nothing is more satisfying to me as a professional than hearing my clients say, “You changed my Life”.  If you’re ready to make a change, let Coach V help you reach your goals.  Nothing works, unless you put in the work!

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