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Breast Cancer Event

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OCTOBER is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Each year, more than 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States and of that number an estimated 44,000 deaths will occur.  Fitness Continuum Training Academy’s goal is to bring increased awareness of this disease by educating people, especially women, on the importance of self-exams, early screening/ detection, testing and much more.


In 2018, Coach V birth a vision to personally honor women affected by breast cancer.  Through various activities, such as luncheons, hikes, walk-a-tons, etc., Fitness Continuum raises funds to pamper our honorees and make them feel special and loved during one of the most challenging time of their lives. Here at Fitness Continuum Training Academy, we believe in paying it forward and hope that you will join us in doing so this October!

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